Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hey there my fellow Hillcats!

In case you didn't go outside or look out a window its snowing here in Claremore! Now I personally love snow. It's fun to play in, throw at eachother, and makes a good reason to stay inside and watch a movie or do homework.

Now with all this fun and play can also come some real dangerous situations especially if you are driving.

Before you are driving first thing to do is to make sure your windshield is clear of most if not all snow/ ice. The best way to do this is by starting the car to have the defrost blowing on the windshield on a medium setting, at least to start with, and using an ice scraper. NEVER pour water, espcecially hot water, onto your windshield when it is covered in ice. The rapid heating from the water can cause your windshield to crack!
Now as you are driving make sure to take it slow and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination leaving about 20-30 minutes earlier should give you plenty of time. Look out for ice on the roadways and watch the other cars.
Should you happen to start sliding around do NOT slam on your brakes. This can cause one tire to grab the road better than the others sending you spinning everywhere. You need to let off the gas and slowly peddle the brakes until you regain control. If you start sliding to the side then turn your wheel to the direction you are sliding and peddle your brakes off and on until you turn back the right way.

Hope you guys have plenty of good safe fun out there!
And if you all have anything you want to add or topice to be discussed remember to comment below.

Until Next Time - PB

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day..

Hey there my fellow Hillcats!

As you all know Valentine's Day is tomorrow! So guys hopefully you already have the dinner reservations and other plans in check for your lady. If not then you better hurry! Well what if he or she lives far away and you can't see eachother in person? Then you can do what me and my girlfriend are probably going to do, skype call! You can light your room that you're skyping in really elegant and pretend to be at a fancy restaraunt or whatever else your mind runs into.

For all of you people that do not have a significant other then no worries I have some great ideas for you too. You could make your own date completely by ourself and you do not have to worry about it going horrifically bad, or trying to impress anyone.

Then if all else fails there is always Mr. Homework. He will never forget about you and always there to keep you company. :) No matter how much you shove him away he always comes back. Haha

Well guys and gals that's it for this week.
Remember if there is anything you want to me to talk about leave a comment below :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Give your brain a rest..

Hey there my fellow Hillcats!

As the semester continues on and homework starts pouring in from all directions, remember to take a break every now and then. Not only does taking a break relieve you from long boring hours of studying it gives your brain a rest from its work.

Some ideas for fun things to do:
1. Find some friends and just hang out or go to an event, anything other than studying.
2. As its getting warmer, go for a walk in the reserve.
3. There are plenty of groups on campus hosting events almost everyday. So find one that you're interested in and explore it.
4. Nothing better than some good ol' games or T.V.

Now this obviously aren't the only things that you can do, rather they are ideas to help you get away from the books for a little while. I'm not saying spend countless hours doing these things when your paper is due the next day, but when you're getting stressed out remember its okay to take a short break every now and then.

EVENT of the week:
This week is Kappa Sigma, fraternity, and Alpha Sigma Alphas', sorrority, rush week. What this means is that both of these organizations are looking for new people that would like to join. They are both holding events every night so if you have ever thought to yourself "Hey I wonder what its like to be in a Frat. or Sorr." then this is the week for you! Find out for yourself who the people in these organizations are and not just believe what you've seen in movies. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

By the people for the people:

Hey there my fellow Hillcats!
I'm a second semester Freshman with a Medical/Molecular Biology major. I am the SGA Rep. for the Pre-Proffesional Health Club which is also apart of the national Pre-SOMA, Student Osteopathic Medical Association. I'm looking forward to discussing many topics in this blog. Hopefully I can discuss some things that you guys want to talk about and answer some questions that you may have about either of these organizations.

I came from the great metrapolis of Oktaha, Ok where I had a graduating class of 54 students! When I started looking for Colleges/ Universities that I would like to attend the first thing I looked at was the price to attend. Now I know that all the great recruiters and other people looking to get you into their school that you should not look at money but the school itself. In my eyes all that's going to bring you is an unwise investment when you could be saving potentially thousands of dollars! So I applied to many schools and every Scholarship they would offer me. So when I had it narrowed down to a few schools then I had to make my decision on where to go.

I chose RSU because of the smaller campus and I had several friends that go here. With a smaller campus it gave me a good upgrade from my small hometown without being launched into a huge university such as OU or OSU.I believe I made a great choice in choosing RSU. Not only are the students that you can meet everyday very friendly, but the staff and Proffessors are great in helping you out in every way they can!

Well guys and gals I believe this is enough for one day. If you have any questions feel free to ask away!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Much To Do.. So Little Time!

Well the lull in activities did not last for long. It has been crazy crazy crazy around here and I'm just trying to keep my brain straight!! haha.. I have lots of pictures to share about everything that has been going on!
First, we had our annual RSU's Got Talent. It was awesome! If you didn't go you truly missed out!! We had some amazing acts like a jam skater, a chinese yo-yoer and lots of singing and instruments. Not to mention you missed out seeing Chad McMains run in without his pants on.. he's so silly! We definitely all had a good time, not only that night but also all the preparation to get there!
And we even had a pretty good turn out of people!

Finally came SPRING BREAK!! This could be up for competeing in my most favoritest weeks ever! On Saturday Kaleb, Chad, Kelsey, and I all went out to Oolagah lake and camped out for two nights. I was so much fun and so relaxing not having to worry about anything except keeping our fire going! :)

Sorry this picture is blurry it was us setting up the ginormous tent, but it was dark and hard to get a good picture with my camera.
This was right down below our camp site.. isn't it beautiful!! mmm I wanna go back! haha..
After we went camping we came back and started work on the PLC centennial float, which looked amazing! More pictures coming soon!! We didn't have much help, but we definitely got a ton done this day. Holly and Cheyenne pomped away while I ran errands and Kaleb did the wood work!
This was the progress of the BIG float. It amazing to see the stages of it going up, because it doesn't look too promising now.. but again just wait cause by the end it looks amazing!!
This was our competition float.. Criminal Justice and their jail.
Then, on Wednesday I hit the road again and went to Kansas City, MO to watch the very sad basketball tournament. I felt so bad for those boys! They all worked so hard, but they did great all season long!
This was the Marriot hotel across the street from the auditorium where the game was and it was all lite up and it danced! It was very cool I wish I could figure out how to upload the video to show how cool it actually was! haha..
The next day we went to the College Basketball Experience, which is like a big basketball museum. You walk in and this is what it looked like... it made you feel like a movie star! haha
My feet are almost as big as Shaq's right?? hahaha...

The following day we went to a Chocolate Factory, which I thought was gonna be a little bigger than it was, but it was still very neat to watch them make the fudge! Plus we got a ton of free candy out of the whole ordeal and got a discount on anything else we wanted so it was definitely worth it!!!

All in all I had a great time on Spring Break. The next week was the centennial week and like I said there will be another post up here soon about that. It's weird that its getting so close to the end of the semester. Time is just flying by!! I cant wait for summer to get here! Post again very soon!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

As the semester has had a little bit of a lull in activities I have been busy busy busy with homework. Of course there is the usual hanging out with friends and things that have kept me busy also, but classes seem to not be as much of a breeze as they have been in the past. :(

Lets see... Valentines day was spent with two of my friends Kaleb and Laura. We went to the Wild Fork and had a very nice dinner. It was lots of fun! Then, I believe the next big thing that happened was the BIG GAME... RSU vs. OBU!!! It was awesome! The game was sold out and everyone was whited out.. except me! :( I got there at 6:00 and they were all out of small and medium and youth large shirts, so I didn't get one! oh well.... Then in the girls game my friends boyfriend went out and competed to get $30 at Wings To Go and won by doing the chicken dance! It was hilarious! haha... I tried to upload the video, but it wouldn't let me! Then, the half time of the boys game was the final competition for the half court shot for the scholarship and my friend Matt shot, however he didn't win. I can't remember the name of the guy that won. However, the boys won so it was an amazing night!

We went to the casino on Thursday also, and since it was ladies night I got my name in the bin and won! I didn't get the big prize but I got $10 and a t-shirt! haha... so that was much of my excitement!

Last weekend was a lot of fun, Friday was PLC interviews! It was cool to see who we might get next year and play games with all of them! I was at the fun table in interviews so I got to ask them fun questions like "if you were an animal what would you be??" Our table was cracking up laughing through most of the interviews!

Then, following interviews a group of us headed to Tulsa to go to Winterjam only to find out that by the time we got there it was sold out! It kinda stunk, but I think all of us were so tired it worked out pretty well that we could all go home and go to bed! Then, Sunday was my friend Matt's birthday, so on Saturday a bunch of people decorated his room and I made him an ice cream cake and another cake and surprised him!

Monday and Tuesday night of this week has been RSU's GOT TALENT TRYOUTS from 5-9, which was a little disappointing because we didn't have many people audition, but I still think it will be a great show! So that is mainly what we have been working really hard on in PLC, and also the Centennial Float for the parade on the 25th!

Well I'm bummed that I dont any pictures right now for this post, I'm waiting for my friends to upload them and I've procrastinated as long as I can so hopefully I'll be able to add some in later... Have a good week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm BACK!!

I'm so sorry it has taken me forever to update you on my exciting life. So much has been happening and I have barely had time to think. But no worries I have lots of pictures this time!
So, we will start off with GAME NIGHT! PLC held our first game night and I think it went pretty well all things considered. We ended up having it in the 2nd floor study room at the dorms, which is pretty small, but it worked out just fine and we had lots of treats to eat! lol We played apples to apples and Hoopla!

Lots of fun!! Then, there came the SNOW DAYS!!! No school for two and a half days was wonderful! We played games, such as board games and twister!!

Then, Kaleb was playing so intensely that he held his hand in one spot for too long and his hand got stuck that way!! As pictured above! haha Then, Matt was bored because he wasn't playing and decided to put on Holly's rainboots. He was cute!
After that was win the real fun came, if you call it that. We went sledding. It was so much fun especially that first day when it was all ice and you would slide for forever. But heres one bad thing that happened. Our group decided it would be so much fun to go down the hill on Bluestarr. We had to sleds and Matt and Gunther were on one and Laura and I were on the other. The boys were supposed to go first, but then they chickened out. Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into, Laura and I decide to go so we start flying down the hill probably going a good 15 mph if not more and start getting close to the curb. We push off until it gets to a turn in to a road and we cant push off so we crash so hard into the curb and we both fly into the air (Everyone said it was about 3 ft of air) and my tailbone was injured, injured bad! Laura couldn't walk because her leg was hurt so bad, so the guys decide to carry her, well then they drop her! haha.. About a week later we both recovered but it was not a fun way to spend the snow break! So the next night that everyone went sledding I just took pictures.

Everyone decided it would be really cool to link arms in a straight line and go down all together. Well I'll just say it was really funny to watch! haha..Then, it was back to business and back to school on Thursday! :( Next came Sunday the 1st AKA Super Bowl Night. We went to Lanaye's house to watch the game and it was a lot of fun! Holly's boyfriend, Aaron made this dip tray that was amazing, it looked like a football field with cheese dip as one endzone and salsa as the other, then a ton of guacamole as the playing field. It looked really good!Lots of fun was had, and no worries you can see that we had our 3D glasses to watch the commercials that you could barely tell were 3D!
The next day FEBRUARY 2 was my BIRTHDAY!! The ladies I work for were so sweet and got me a cookie cake! I loved it, and it was the only cake I got for my birthday! However, last week we were very busy trying to get all organized so we only got to enjoy it for a little while!

The rest of the week was mostly filled with homework, work, and classes. Then Friday I went and saw the movie Fireproof at the First Baptist Church downtown. It was a really good movie, it even made me cry! Then, Saturday we woke up bright and early at 8 o'clock and did community service around Claremore.

We got atleast 10 bags of trash cleaned up and we got a bunch of flyers passed out to local businesses for a restaurant opening. With all that done, Holly and I decided we needed to play a little, so we had some fun on the playground!

Well that made for an exciting couple of weeks!! I'm sure there will be much more later!